The Skinny on Night Terrors

You run in because your little one is screaming. You check to make sure there is nothing majorly wrong, only to see that it seems like they are still asleep. You try to soothe him, but he just screams louder. You pick her up, but then she starts flailing and trying to hit you.


Why You Must Be The Expert In Down Syndrome

Hello my friends, good morning! He was reaching for me to pick him up, now he wants down. Hold on…

So I was planning to have Noah on this morning, but apparently he had other plans this morning. So I want to jump right in and share with a couple stories about advocating for our kids and why it’s so important to understand what’s really going on inside of them.

How to Get a Better Night Sleep

Do you wake up sometimes, and regardless of the amount of sleep you got, you know that you don’t feel rested, and know that you didn’t get good sleep? The answer to why this is may actually really surprise you, and it is actually the thing I am shooting this video with: Your phone!

Your phone can cause so many disruptions to your sleep. This is not just when it buzzes or rings, or if it lights up while you’re sleeping, but it is even the waves that it emits. When you study sleep, you hear about brain waves, or the waves of energy that happen within your brain as you’re sleeping. There are different forms of brain activity that you need during the different stages of sleep.

How Do You Increase Your Confidence

Do you ever feel like you lack confidence? You’re probably thinking “well you’re one to talk because you get on and you do these things.” If you know me outside of Social Media, you know that I normally have no problems talking to people, telling people what’s on my mind.

But here’s the thing: confidence is one of those things where if you have it you go boy I wish I had more of it, and if you don’t feel like you have it, you may just not think confidence is your things.

Affirmation Challenge

I wanted to pick up today talk a little bit more about affirmation journals and issue an affirmation challenge.

One of the things I have been doing a lot of learning a lot about over the last about four years is controlling your thoughts, taking control of your thoughts, and not allowing yourself to sabotage what it is that you want to achieve.
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