Balancing Natural Health Vs Conventional Medicine - Part 2

Our thoughts about our health should not be entirely opposed to anything. There is a fine balance to strike between natural health and conventional medicine. This second part explores the role of conventional medicine, and what to consider as you strike the balance in your own life. 

Balancing Natural Health Vs. Conventional Medicine - Part 1

When you think about natural health, it oftentimes is communicated as a way to avoid conventional medicine. However, there is a balance to this logic, and it necessitates truly understanding the role of each. 

The Skinny on Night Terrors

You run in because your little one is screaming. You check to make sure there is nothing majorly wrong, only to see that it seems like they are still asleep. You try to soothe him, but he just screams louder. You pick her up, but then she starts flailing and trying to hit you.


Tylenol & Down Syndrome

Hello my friends, welcome back! I used #Rockingthe21st tonight, so I thought we would get a little rock going.

I am so glad to be back. I took a couple of days, went to a conference and also have been trying to get over this cough. For those who have been watching for a while, I did go to the doctor, and they confirmed there is nothing wrong with me more than spasming bronchioles.

Well let’s get into it. If you don’t know me, my name is Josh Decker and I am so glad that you are joining in. I definitely encourage you to go back and listen to some of my previous videos talking a little bit about what we know about Down Syndrome.

Why You Must Be The Expert In Down Syndrome

Hello my friends, good morning! He was reaching for me to pick him up, now he wants down. Hold on…

So I was planning to have Noah on this morning, but apparently he had other plans this morning. So I want to jump right in and share with a couple stories about advocating for our kids and why it’s so important to understand what’s really going on inside of them.
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