Balancing Natural Health Vs Conventional Medicine - Part 2

Our thoughts about our health should not be entirely opposed to anything. There is a fine balance to strike between natural health and conventional medicine. This second part explores the role of conventional medicine, and what to consider as you strike the balance in your own life. 

Balancing Natural Health Vs. Conventional Medicine - Part 1

When you think about natural health, it oftentimes is communicated as a way to avoid conventional medicine. However, there is a balance to this logic, and it necessitates truly understanding the role of each. 

Lessons from White Water Rafting

Life throws us things that make it feel like we've been tossed from a boat heading down a raging river. We struggle to keep our head above water, and just to survive, so it seems. However, if we look to white water rafting, there is an incredibly important lesson to help us through these times. 

The Skinny on Night Terrors

You run in because your little one is screaming. You check to make sure there is nothing majorly wrong, only to see that it seems like they are still asleep. You try to soothe him, but he just screams louder. You pick her up, but then she starts flailing and trying to hit you.


#1 Way To Reduce Stress

I want to ask you tonight, how is your stress level?

I don’t know, if you’re like me at all, my stress level the last couple of weeks has just been ridiculous. The whole thing about having a hard time working, and having the kids home, and then the stress about having a child who is susceptible to respiratory issues, but still having to go out and get groceries, and all of that….it is exceptionally stressful.

So I am just curious, how is your stress level right now?

Regardless of where you’re at, I want to give you the one, the number one thing that you can do to help bring down your stress.
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