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Raising a child with Down Syndrome can be scary and stressful!

Fear...gut wrenching fear. It was a fear I could feel churning in my stomach that made me dizzy at the same time. Fear that did little to subside for months.

This was what it felt like when we first learned that our little one was likely to have Down Syndrome. We had already decided that it didn’t matter what came back in any prenatal tests, that God was giving us a little life to care for, and we were going to do our best, relying on Him.

The stress of that pregnancy was tremendous. Every visit to the perinatologist was a constant push to “think about our other kids,” and “how will the quality of our life be changed.” Every time they kept pushing that it may be better to terminate the pregnancy.

When our little boy was born, he spent 2 weeks in the critical care nursery fighting some infection. It was during this time we learned how delicate our little boy’s body was going to be. We were fortunate enough to find a group that has been studying the differences in how these bodies react with an extra chromosome for 30 years.

It was through this group that we found hope for what our future might hold, and also an awareness of things we would need to change to meet his needs.

The fear quickly changed to stress. The kind of stress that would keep us up at night trying to identify what products were safe, how we would afford them, and what we could do to give our little boy a fighting chance.

We have since been able to find relief from both the stress and fear of trying to raise a child with Down Syndrome. There is nothing that can rewrite your child’s DNA. However, you can work with their genetic profile to minimize complications. You can also find relief from the stress you experience, on all fronts.

Some people just want to follow the directions provided and hope for the best. The rest of us will dig, research, and spend whatever we have to for what is best for our kids. If that is you, I want to help save your hours of research and hundreds of dollars trying stuff.

I host a group of parents who want the research boiled down and want to know what is good to use. We also want to know how to help ourselves get relief from the fear and stress that come with this journey.

Are you one of us? Come join us, as we support each other, and explore the best for our kids.

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