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Life You Can Do It

You Can Do It

What do you do when you’re so frustrated with a problem you can’t think clearly? This is what I coached my son through this week.

Business The Year Everything Changes

The Year Everything Changes

I’ve been on a journey this last year. A journey that has changed who I am. Forget about making resolutions for the New Year. Join with me, rather, in making 2015 the year everything changes.

Culture Better Than Okay

Better Than Okay

Okay is a dangerous word for success. What would happen if we replaced the idea of concept of okay with our very best in everything we do? Our world would be a much different place, starting with those closest to us.

Business The Mark Of A True Expert

The Mark Of A True Expert

In a world full of so-called experts, it can be daunting to find people who truly have the expertise you’re seeking. Among the normal prerequisites for expertise, I also believe there is one particular thing that separates true experts from their counterparts.