Born for relationships

It’s tough to have a real life, in person relationship. Ask anyone who has a mother, father, borther, girl/boyfriend, husband, wife, kid, dog…you get the picture.

A New Hope

If you remember the campaigns last year, the recurring theme was hope. “Vote for me, and there’ll be hope for recovery”; or “Vote for me, and there’ll be hope for peace”, etc. But what hope do we have now?

Parenting To vaccinate…or not?

To vaccinate…or not?

My wife and I have been going back and forth on the idea of vaccinating him and whether it’s in his best interest. At the same time, there is this gripping fear that if we don’t vaccinate him here is a great illness waiting for him down the road.

Reality…or is it?

Now, I read an article that Mr. Harrelson attacked a papparazi cameraman claiming he mistook him for a zombie. The story goes that Woody had just completed filming a zombie flick, and he was “still in character”.

Embarrassing Moments

I just asked him to put his hand down and I would get to him later. He sat there with his hand up the entire time, about 10 minutes later I was done, and I finally called on him.