The Truth Behind Essential Oils

I have seen essential oils in more and more articles lately. Maybe it’s because I’m more focused in a healthy lifestyle, I don’t know. However, as an essential oils user, these articles drive me nuts. Before we get to that, though, let me tell you how I got into using oils.

The Least Likely Oiler

When the first person I knew started using oils, I thought they were a bit out there, you know what I mean. I thought oil users were hippy, tree hugger types that weren’t modern, didn’t believe in technology, and were all modern day witches.

Well, the tables turned shortly after that as we had a need in our home that oils ended up solving. My wife went to a class, tried the oils, and immediately determined we needed them in our home. Even after a few months, I was still pretty reluctant to use them.

However, as my wife used them more for herself and our kids, I found more use for them in my own life. Now, three years later, I probably use them more than anyone else in my house, and absolutely love what they do!

What So Many People Get Wrong About Essential Oils

Now, back to the articles I have been seeing about essential oils. So many articles talk about how oils can help alleviate this ailment, replace that drug, or cure this illness. This simply is not the right perspective.

Our world thinks reactively about our health, where we have a symptom, do something to alleviate it, and move on without much additional thought. However, what if you never had that symptom to begin with? That’s how to approach your health, by keeping your body and mind functioning as it should be, rather than waiting for something to go wrong.

That’s really the point of all natural, naturopathic, and holistic approaches to health. If you keep the body well, there is no need to reactive medicine. Essential Oils, supplements, tinctures and similar products are all really most effective when used to help support your health before there is a problem.

Understanding What You Need

There are a few ways you can determine what you may need to support your system. You can use trial and error, have extensive blood tests, use kinesiology muscle testing, or bioimpedance testing. Of these, our family really likes bioimpedance testing because it is relatively inexpensive, is safe on everyone in our home including our infant, and requires not specialized training.

Whatever method you choose to use, the bigger point is to get started. This is a journey, and will shift how you think about your health and the products you use. Want to know how we got started over three years ago, and the easy way for you to take the first steps as well? Fill out the form below and we’ll setup a quickie conversation.