If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would admit to sucking as a parent, I would have laughed and said “never!” Now, I guess the question is what kind of “suck” we are talking about.

When my wife, Kim, and I were dating, I had no idea what kind of fun we were destined to share together as parents, nor what might have disgusted us in dating we cheer each other on with as parents. One of the grossest parts being the runny noses that comes with kids.

We have three boys at the time this article was written (9, 3 and 9 months), and we have had our share of runny noses. There is nothing grosser than watching a little boy lick their lip with snot, or the hard-crusted sleeve after wiping their nose when they had a cold.

Pneumonia 2017

Our little guy in the ER being diagnosed with pneumonia. FACT: kids with Down syndrome are at higher risk for developing pneumonia due to smaller than normal nasal passages.

With our youngest things actually got serious about snot shortly after he was born. We are blessed to have a child with Trisomy 21 (otherwise known as Down Syndrome), and wouldn’t trade him for anything! Children with Down Syndrome do have some challenges other kiddos do not, including not being able to kick a cold as easily as others.

Our little one ended up with a cold at about 8 weeks old, it turned into pneumonia, and he had to spend some time in the hospital. The reason it turned is that his nasal passage is smaller than normal, so his sinuses do not drain as well as they should.

During our time in the hospital, we watched as the nurses used surgical suction to pull out the ooey gooey snot, and his relief after each time they did it. They recommended we look into a “snot sucker” when we left so we could help clear his nose and prevent this from happening again.

The Unexpected Wonder Of The Snot Sucker!

So, shortly before he was discharged, I was charged with the shopping for supplies. Among those supplies were nasal flush and a snot sucker!

Now, to understand how I felt about this, we have to go back to when our first was little. I am so thankful my wife thinks the way she does, because I may have caused my kids to suffocate from boogers! From the moment our first was born, she was on top of his nose, and if any of our kids looked like they had a booger, she would gladly, almost gleefully help remove it. I say gleefully, she still maintains that she just wanted her little guys to be able to breathe.

So, now having to literally suck the snot out of his little nose, I was totally grossed out, but at the same time fascinated (almost like those who are obsessed with pimple popping videos!). We thought for sure our little guy would put up a fight and kick, scream, and thrash when we tried to do this (in part, because that wasn’t far from what he did in the hospital).

The first experience wasn’t quite as bad as we expected, but it wasn’t far off. However, after my wife was done, you could tell he could breathe much better, and never put up a fight again. In fact, our three year old has asked us to use it on his nose.

No…It’s Not A Warm Snotty Drink

Thankfully, these are well designed, and have a filter to ensure you do not accidentally suck in a massive goober! Just be sure to get extra filters so you can change them regularly, or they will get pretty gross.

Once you get the hang of it, you may actually find these are more effective at clearing your own nose (not that I have personally tried this or anything).

If you have small kids, have big kids, or have a runny nose of your own, you may want to look at investing in one of these bad boys. We purchased the NeilMed version, in part because our son’s small nose. You may also want to consider the NoseFrida, which is well respected and distributed. You can purchase either of these on Amazon through the links.


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