Shoes, I personally used to love them! Give me a pair to wear all the time and I would be a happy guy. I mean, who wouldn’t love to keep their feet warm, have protection against stepping on things, and have support for their aching feet?

Over the last few years, I have been on a journey of becoming healthier, both physically as well as mentally. Part of what I have noticed, especially over the last few months, is that I have come to appreciate having my shoes off and actually having my feet on the ground.

Turns out, there are some great reasons to take the shoes off for a bit. I ran across this article at OrganicLife.com, and thought the information that it had was worth sharing.

Three Important Reasons Taking Your Shoes Off Is Good For Your Health

Reason #1: Your soles are covered in thousands of bacteria!

Can I just say, YUCK! Think about where your shoes have been. Whether you are out walking in the grass, which is nature’s potty house, or even at the office, through the bathroom, at the gas station, oh man the list goes on. Think about all the different people who have traveled where you do, where they have been, what they have stepped in, that now you are tracking around.

It is amazing to me that we have survived this long walking on our feet! Shoes have certainly played a role in this, protecting us from all of this grossness. However, if nothing else, this is a great reason to keep your shoes at the front door, and not track all of this into your house!

Reason #2: Your shoes can damage your flooring.

Okay, so if you don’t care about staying healthy, you may care about damage to your home. The dirt that you track into your house with your shoes acts like abrasive bits of sand paper on your floors, wearing them away. If you wear heals, these can also snag carpets and rugs. Let’s not even think about the stains that can happen as a result of Reason #1 above. Oh yuck!

Taking your shoes off at the door will help you protect your floors and ensure you don’t have to replace them prematurely to keep your home enjoyable.

Reason #3: Your feet need a breather too.

Think about the strain you put on your feet with the shoes you wear. Sure, everyone knows how important it is to support your feet properly, but what about the fashion component? Many fashionable shoes for both men and women offer very little support, and actually increase the strain in various muscles and tendons, which can lead to major foot trouble like plantar fasciitis.

Your feet also sweat in your shoes, and all that extra moisture is not good for your feel all the time. Give your feet some TLC, and take give your feet a breather, maybe even soak them in an Epsom salts bath for a few minutes.

Giving Your Feet The Love They Need

Think about how difficult life would be if your feet weren’t doing their job all the time. Give them some love and attention, even if you don’t care about sandal attractiveness. I have found some great options for helping to support the foot health in our family, from dealing with the nastiness that comes in the door on our shoes, to dealing with the occasional discomfort from long days.

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