Marketing is no longer about just trying to tell people about your product and enticing them to make a purchase. While this has worked for over 100 years, it is increasingly less effective. Why? Simply put, the Story.

People want your story.

The market is becoming increasingly sensitive to the “evil money grabbing brand.” We all know we are in business to make a profit. However, there is another underlying motivation to your business. Do you know what that story is? Does it permeate every aspect of your business and what you do?

I’ve written before about the story behind brands such as Dollar Shave Club and Poopourri. However, even the B2B market is moving toward the story. Have you considered the story of GE, Intel, Cisco, or IBM? In all of these brands, their story influence everything from their marketing to their product development and hiring practices.

What’s your story?

So what is your story? What drives your business to be successful?

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