Are You Limited by Reason?

Reason is not worth losing everything over.

I recently read an article about reason from The Sales Blog, and it got me posing this question to myself. How often am I limited by the limits of my own reason. That “reason” is really shaped by the my experiences. If something is outside my experience, the my reason assumes it must not work.

While this logically is preposterous, it happens to more of us thane want. I also began thinking through the companies who still think that marketing online won’t work for them. The reality is the world has changed greatly over the last 10 years. Markets who used to be perfect for outside sales spare locking down and preventing pesky sales people from interrupting the productivity of their most important people.

The reason of “our market just doesn’t use the Internet” is just outside realm of experience in most cases.

Don’t be limited by your own reason. Test, expand your horizons, and change with the times!