The world of internet marketing truly amazes me. In very few industries are there equally as many posers as there are actual experts. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with companies from start-ups to 50+ year old corporations.

More than a few of these companies have expressed be “burned” by someone in Internet Marketing and it has caused me to grapple with what truly makes an expert, especially in this industry. This has led me to appreciate three simple words:

I Don’t Know

It is amazing what those three words communicate…as well as what they DO NOT communicate. Take a quick look at this with me.

What It Does NOT Inherently Communicate:

  • Incompetence of the speaker.
  • A lack of success.
  • A lack of intelligence.

From the perspective of the speaker, our fear is that if we say “I don’t know”, then it communicates something negative about us. Rather than admitting our own humanness, we let fear push us toward mediocrity, which is inevitable when pose to know what we do not.

What It DOES Communicate:

  • Someone who knows their own limits in knowledge.
  • A little humility.
  • Acknowledgement there is more knowledge than one person can possible absorb personally.

My assertion is that acknowledging limits, and then using them as a guide to help expand our own expertise is very powerful in a career. In fact, it is actually valued highly in a world crowded with “experts”.

Knowing An Expert When You Find One

Especially in marketing, an expert is not someone who knows everything. Rather, it is someone who is expertly knowledgeable in his or her field. However, it is also someone who knows that there are things they do not know. This expert will willingly tell you when they don’t know something.

However, that expert doesn’t stop there. When they find out there is something relevant they don’t know, they’ll go learn about it and be then be able to offer an educated opinion of it.

Do you agree? What has your experience showed you about true experts? Share your stories with me in the comments below.

Enjoy A Little Comedic Pain

For those of us who are experts, this video is both painful as well as humorous. Enjoy!