Ok, so it is time for a little break from the marketing and leadership stuff. Let’s explore the world of parenting for a few minutes.

This weekend, my son came home with homework for the entire family. We each were given a cardboard square to color and decorate, and in the center either draw a self-portrait, or glue in a picture of ourselves.

Here’s how mine came out…go ahead and laugh, I sure did…there’s a reason why I didn’t go to art school!

Homework assignment for Josh Decker's son.

Doing More Than Just What Is Required

As a parent, I want to encourage my son to do what is needed, but I also want to encourage him to go beyond only what is needed. It would have been easy to go find a picture, print and cut it, and then glue it on. However, it is this “enough to get by” attitude that is so pervasive in our society, and what so many children struggle with today.

While I was not excited by this project, I wanted to demonstrate for my son the right attitude for approaching work: do your best, even if it is more than the minimum to get by.

What If We All Did Our Best?

Could you imagine a world where our best was what everyone strived for, and often achieved? How much different would our lives be? Would we have children who expect things should be easy or handed to them? Would the standard become increasing quality of what we produce rather than struggling to meet it?

If we each would strive for our best in relationships, would we not have so many families who fall apart? Would we have fewer parents who walk away because being a parent or a husband or a wife is just not fun anymore?

Yes, if we all strive for our very best all the time, our world would be a much better place.

Back To Reality

We do not all strive for our best all the time. However, that does not mean we should not. So where does it start? It starts with each of us making a decision that for today, this very moment, I will do the very best I possibly can. When we teach our children, it is a decision that I will not let mediocrity reign, that even if it is good but not their best, I will encourage and push for more.

Simply put…it starts with us. What will you choose today, this very moment? Will you settle for “good enough” or strive for your best?