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Business The Year Everything Changes

The Year Everything Changes

I’ve been on a journey this last year. A journey that has changed who I am. Forget about making resolutions for the New Year. Join with me, rather, in making 2015 the year everything changes.

Culture Better Than Okay

Better Than Okay

Okay is a dangerous word for success. What would happen if we replaced the idea of concept of okay with our very best in everything we do? Our world would be a much different place, starting with those closest to us.

Business The Mark Of A True Expert

The Mark Of A True Expert

In a world full of so-called experts, it can be daunting to find people who truly have the expertise you’re seeking. Among the normal prerequisites for expertise, I also believe there is one particular thing that separates true experts from their counterparts.

Culture Coffee…Just Got Faster?

Coffee…Just Got Faster?

Getting a great product and good service is worth the wait. But what if you didn’t have to wait?

Starbucks is testing just that…giving guests the option to order en route to avoid the line and wait.