The First Step To Leading

Follow The Leader

It has been my pleasure to serve as a leader in various ways since I was a teenager. As any good leader will tell you, there are many lessons learned along the way, many of which were learned the hard way.

The Management Tip of The Day from Harvard Business Review on Monday reminded of one of these lessons:

The ship turns slowly…don’t break the rudder!

That’s my way of saying that when you first join a team as a leader, you’re not going to change everything overnight. If you try, you’ll lose credibility and people’s willingness to follow.

Rather, a better practice that was supported by HBR, is to get to know your team, allowing them to get to know you as well, and to develop trust. As this trust develops, you’ll be able to effectively start changing the environment and culture.

What is your best tip for joining a new team? Share it with us in the comments below.