Fear Or Hope: What Guides You

The only thing strong than fear is hope.

I normally do not spend much time watching or listening to the news. However, I happened to be watching the news last night, and the majority of the stories had to do with Ebola.

This coverage and the reactions of those on the news, made me think…what guides my life?

You see, I have nearly stopped watching all television because so much of it is designed to guide my life by fear. The challenge to this is I desire to live my life with hope, purpose, and forward movement.

As I was reflecting on this, however, it made me stop and contemplate where other people are. Are people guided by fear or hope?

My sense is that many people live in fear. Why? It is demonstrated by what we see in our media. Look at the television shows that are popular, or the feature films that break the box office. Look at the stories covered by the media. All of this comes back to playing off people’s fears.

As I think about those I love and those I have influence on, my desire is to pass along this hope, rather than propagate a culture of fear. Here is how I do it:

  • Focus on those things you have control over.
  • Do not play into the ideology that everyone is out to get you.
  • Give yourself goals, and then keep focused on them.
  • Look for how you can contribute to move others away from fear and into hope.

For me, a big part of this is faith. I have faith in the future. This faith is not in the goodness of humanity, but because I believe in the grace and mercy of a loving God. Because I firmly believe this God has our best interests at mind (even if I don’t fully understand what that means), it means I don’t have to worry about today or tomorrow.

Is fear or hope guiding you? Share with me your thoughts in the comments below.