More Than Positivity


Are you a positive person? Sure all of have a bad day once in a while, buy on the whole, how positive is your outlook?

For me, I would say I am a fairly positive guy. I try to think the best of people, and try to see the positive in all situations; the silver lining if you will.

However, I have recently begun pondering the idea of the “power of positive thinking”. I have read studies that point to evidence that thinking in a positive manner will lead to success. That is a curious idea.

While I most certainly agree with the concept that training our own brains to naturally think toward the outcome we desire will shape out own actions, I am not so sure in the rest of the so-called power of positive thinking. Let me illustrate.

Let’s say that me, a positive guy, is on the way to a sales presentation. I am extremely positive about the meeting and achieving the outcome I desire. However, on my way there I get mugged and stabbed, and end up in the morgue. Is there any amount of positive thinking that can control that?

That’s why I believe in MORE than just positivity. I believe that having faith in something that has a very real power over the physical world is important. But it goes well beyond being positive, it goes into having hope.

But see hope is not merely wishful thinking. No, this hope is actually looking forward to a certain future, much like a child looks forward to Christmas as the season draws near.

You see, my hope takes me well beyond the here and now. Everything in our world is temporary, but the world to come is not. My hope is for that world, some call it heaven, the book of Revelation calls it the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:2). I know it is coming, and I long for it. Because I have the hope, or certainty, that it is coming, I can face anything this world can throw at me.

What about you? Does positive thinking give you certainty toward the future? Part of why my future is certain is because of who promised it. You see, when God promises something, it’s a sure bet it will happen. So, He promised Jesus will one day return (John 14:1-4) and collect to himself all that that love Him, and follow Him. This is the hope that I have, and it allows me to stay positive about anything that happens this this day and age, because I am certain of what is to come.

What about you? Do you have hope, or are you merely positive?