Review: Letters to God

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Letters To GodLast night I got to sit down with my bride and watch Letters to God. First, if you are at all empathic, or if you have kids, you’re going to need Kleenex.  My wife was crying within 10 minutes of the movie starting…I lasted 20 I think.

Normally I don’t go for movies that make me cry. I’d rather seen stuff get blown up, or guys battling to see who can pee the furthest, that sort of thing. But this movie was actually decent. Not so much from an entertainment perspective, but making you appreciate what you have.

If you haven’t heard of this movie, I have included a trailer at the end of this point.

So what was it about this movie? First, it really makes you thankful for what you have. If you have a family, especially us parents; if you are relatively healthy; or if you are relatively comfortable. This movie helps bring home those things and thankfulness welled up inside me.

Second, it made me really question my faith…not in a bad way. This kid with terminal cancer has some phenomenal faith. A kid who had bullied him in school along with his best friend came to visit him in the hospital. Instead of just being good playing or talking about how much the medicine stinks, he leads them to Christ. Do you really believe what we believe fully enough to worship God in all circumstances?

Finally, it made me question how I interact with hurting people. Do I just mindlessly quote scripture and hope it will do the trick? I think as Christians we are sometimes caught in a defensive “quote and run”. If we can quote some scripture, we can get the heck out of the way before we start hurting too. Instead of a defensive Scripture quote, hurting people sometimes need us to just stop, and experience the pain with them. Are you willing to?

So, this was a good movie. I held back half a point because the story line itself was a little farfetched. I don’t know any mail person who intimately knows the people on their route. But, I also don’t know anyone who does foot routes.

Enjoy the movie. Let me know what you think of it!