Blinding…heavy…but oh so good

[tweetmeme source=”joshdecker” only_single=false]I love snow.  At least, I love the way it looks on the ground, the peace and serenity it seems to bring when I don’t have to venture out in it.  But I don’t like shoveling it!  I had to shovel 10 inches of it before work yesterday, then almost the same amount when I got home from drifting snow.

As I was outside laboring away at this task, it dawned on me that snow is very much like our spiritual walks.  We all want a relationship with God (even if you don’t believe in God).  But what we all desire is the benefits of feeling God close, but not having to put in any work.  It’s a lot like marriage.  A lot of us want the family, the companionship, but not the headache that oftentimes accompanies sharing life with another broken individual.

Back to snow…snow is a very beautiful thing when it falls on the ground.  But when the snow stops falling, and life must continue, it’s time to get out and start the work.  Sometimes the snow, when it gets really heavy, can actually be dangerous due to weight.

This is like our relationship with God.  It’s a beautiful thing, and we can enjoy it.  But when we have a relationship with God, we start getting attacked by our adversary, the Devil.  This is when having a relationship with God with feels like a dangerous thing.  It’s not just the easy, beautiful thing it looks like from the outside.  It requires real work, and real commitment.  It will require us to stretch, grow, and sometimes hurt.

As we go through the rest of the winter, every time you see snow, think about your relationship with God, and ask yourself if you’re putting in the work it really requires to have a deep relationship with Him.