To Santa or not…that is the question

So my wife and I recently decided that we are not going to do “gifts from Santa” for our son. I know some who will read this will think “boy he’s reading too much into it,” and I welcome your comments. However, I would like to explain a bit.

Before I do, let me explain: I think this is a decision we have to weigh individually, and that we should seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit on. For us, we decided we want to teach our some about Christmas, and we will teach him about the real St. Nicholas as well. However, there are 2 primary reasons why we’ve decided not to do the Santa Gifts.

First, we don’t want to lie to our son. As someone who works with students, I see the impacts of parental lying all the time. When, as parents, we start to lie to our kids, no matter how “great” or “small” the lie, it gives them reason not to trust us. Do you remember how traumatized you were when you found out Santa doesn’t really exist? We don’t want to cause that for our son.

Secondly, we do not want to teach our son to worship anything but Jesus Christ.  When you look at how kids in our society, and even whole families, interact with Santa Clause, it is really idol worship.  The Bible specifically says we are not to have any gods before God Almighty.  We do not want a ‘social icon’ to cause our son to stumble in any way.

For these two reasons we’ve decided not to do “Santa Clause” with our son.

2 thoughts on “To Santa or not…that is the question

  1. tami says:

    the tricky part is going to be teaching him not to get into arguments with other kids who do believe

    1. joshdecker says:

      You’re absolutely right. Some of what I’ve seen, and again every rule has its exceptions, but those kids who are truly cruel to others about it are the ones who held on to it so tightly as true, then had it ‘ripped’ from them by either another kid or some adult.

      For our son, we are trying to teach him how to be gentle in spirit, and we’ve seen that in him naturally, so I don’t think it will be that big of a problem. But you never know until you get there…

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