Silent too long

A while ago I decided to stop blogging about President Obama, his administration, and what I see happening.  I’ve decided I’ve been silent to long.

First, let me preface this post by stating my bias.  I am a young American, husband and father of 1.  I am 4 years into a career, but don’t feel like I’ve even begun.  I am a Christian, and believe that Jesus is the only way to God, period.  I also consider myself conservative, both socially, religiously and politically.

When the election season first started, I was very much a fan of Barack Obama.  I thought, “What great strides for our country.”  I even listened to his early speeches, and was enthralled by what he said.  But, given my faith, I decided to pray over my decision for whom I would vote.  Please note, in previous elections, I have not always voted Republican, though I do tend to agree with their ideology more than Democrats.

Well, this morning I was reading a news article on Foxnews.com, which intrigued me by the title, “Obama Team Continues Effort to Isolate Fox News.”  While I understand that President Obama and his administration may not be fans of a conservatively based news source, I found this article alarming, to say the least.  Why is it that a President of our great country, or any representative thereof, would attack any one source of news and/or opinion?  This seems to me to hail back to the days of communism such as in Russia, China, and Germany (for a refresher, see World War II history books).

I think the most alarming piece to me is how this administration seems to be claiming that all “news sources” other than Fox News are giving you an “unbiased” news story.  BOLOGNA!  Anyone who’s studied any type of journalism, history, or literature understands there is ALWAYS, let me repeat that, ALWAYS A BIAS.  The mere thought of an “unbiased” story is utterly insane.  Why?  Because all people have bias.

In the time I spent at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, probably the most compelling lesson I learned was that the people you should trust most are not those claiming to be “unbiased”, but rather those who let you know they are biased, and what that bias is.

From what I’ve seen of Fox News and their hosts, there is no claim to be “unbiased”, but rather a dedication to deliver a story from a different perspective, one that may not be “popular” among liberals, but should be aired nonetheless.

So, for all the liberals who read this article, please, wake up!  Stop listening to everything this President says and hanging on every word he speaks.  This is not Jesus reincarnated.  He does not walk on water, and I’m pretty sure his poop still stinks.  Start thinking for yourselves again!

For any member of the Obama Administration who may read this article.  First, thank you for your service to our Country.  Now, get back to work, and start actually worrying about the BIG PROBLEMS, not whether some news source agrees with you or even challenges you on a policy.  Accept the challenge, discuss the problems, and let’s get this country back to where it once was, and out of the mud hole we’ve sunk into!