Appreciating the Mundane

As parents it’s so easy to get caught up in wanting our kids to grow and learn.  I have heard the stories of so many parents not taking the time to just sit and enjoy the time they have with their kids at each stage.  I know my wife and I have been caught in that trap at times.  Well last night I appreciated a very interesting stage in my son’s life.

As we were sitting last night, watching Finius and Ferb, I was able to just sit and watch my son.  Have you ever taken the time to just appreciate being able to watch your child in the regular, mundane parts of life?  What I found most interesting was just how calm and innocent he is right now.  I know he will not remain this way, but it really challenges me right now in terms of how I live and wanting to protect him from all this world will eventually do to him.

So why do I write this today?  Well I think a lot of times we, people in general, get so caught up in what’s going on in our lives, the strain of money and time and family demands, that we forget to actually appreciate life, and it becomes more of just wanting to get through the next day.  So I write this to encourage you, and to challenge you.  Take time to appreciate life.  Take time to not want the next best thing, but to really experience each step as it comes.  Not every step is pleasant or fun, but each step help us appreciate the next even more.