Conflict…we don’t have to try!

I read this story this morning in a devotion I’m reading:

Two men moved  to the desert to devote themselves to holy living and prayer.  Although they lived in the same hut, they never had the slightest disagreement.

One hermit said to the other, “Let us have just one quarrel the way other men do.”  The second answered, “But I don’t know how one starts a quarrel.”  The first replied, “Look, I’ll set a tile between us and say, ‘That is mine,’ and you say, ‘It’s mine,’ and in this way trouble and contention will arise between us.”  They agreed to do this.  They set the tile between them, and the first holy man said, “It’s mine.”  The second replied, “I hope it’s mine.”  To which the first responded, “If it’s yours, take it.”  After that, they could find no other way to quarrel.

I laughed when I read this today.  All of us have fights, arguments and conflict…choose your synonym.  As I read this, I thought of 1 Peter 2:1, which tells us how to avoid the conflicts in life.  We must rid ourselves of our character defects.  We can only do this, however, through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Be strong in our Lord Jesus Christ today, and give him the chisel to work on you!

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