What would you do?

Tuesday night is the final meeting of our mid-week meetings for the school year.  I saw a Tweet about a youth pastor who does a theme night once a week, and his idea of a Mt. Dew theme night was great!  So, we’re giving it a go this week.  Everything we are doing surounds Mt. Dew.  I just saw a great image of Mt. Dew with the slogan “Experience the Dew”.  This is a great slogan for our lesson, discussing Gideon (Judges 6).

To make this more interesting, we’ve challenged our students to bring their friends for this one.  We normally run 25-30 MS and HS students, and about 20 elementary students.  If they can bring 150 between the two groups, about 2 friends each, than I’ll shave both my head and goatee.  This challenge was actually issued by my wife, and she doesn’t like me shaving my goatee.

What are you and your family willing to do to minister to students? y4v6tpuhqb

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