Review: What Matters Most

I consider myself relatively new to youth ministry.  I’ve been working part-time as either an intern or lead youth worker for the last 5 years.  In that time, I also courted and married my bride (I love you Kim!), as well has experiencing the miracle of the birth of my son, Caleb (you rock little guy!).

In all of that, I have been working full-time to support my family and my “ministry habbit.”  But given the passion that God has given both my wife and I for students, how do we keep the balance in our marriage and family?

Last summer I went to a Youth Specialties conference and picked up a book by one of my favorite people, Doug Fields.  He’s a veteran youth worker with 30+ years (I think) of youth ministry experience.  He’s also a loving husband and great dad (so can we say super human?  nah!).  He put out a book called What Matters Most, which deals with this topic specifically.  

I read most of this back in the 45 min drive from the conference back home (no, I wasn’t reading and driving at the same time).  I have since loaned it to several of the volunteer staff I have the pleasure of serving with, and would heartily recommend it to anyone, not just youth workers, that struggles to find the balance in their ministry, work, and family.
What Matters Most

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