Calm down…take a breath

I have become increasingly annoyed with our media. All of last year there was a frenzy about the economy, now there’s a frenzy about the so-called swine flu.  Give it a break.

If you’ve ever been trained with how to deal with an emergency, the first rule is: DON’T PANIC! The second rule is like it: STAY CALM!  What ever happened to these rules?

It seems our endearing media is just another business, their business wants to make money.  How do they make money?  Get ratings?  How do they get ratings?  Prey on the fragil minds of the masses.  Ever since I can remember really paying attention to the news (during Operation Desert Storm), it has been filled with the worst of our world: war, pandemics, epidemics, disasters, etc.  OK, this is part of our world, so understandable that we should hear about it.  However, when the media uses language that is intentionaly inciting mass histeria, now we’ve just crossed the line.

The solution, stop giving the ratings.  Take a breath, calm down a little bit, and really think things through rather than just going on what the so-called “press” tells us.

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