Born for relationships

Working with students, I find it interesting that some say they are just loners, that they would rather just hang by themselves.  But those same students are the one’s who’ll spend hours a day on social networking sites or playing multiplayer on-line games.

It makes sense to me, though.  I mean in Genesis God said “It is not good for man to be alone.”  So He created Eve to be Adams partner.  Why is it that in our society we think being on our own is the best thing there is, yet the most popular sites are myspace and facebook?  <sigh>

What it comes down to is brokenness.  You see, it’s tough to have a real life, in person relationship.  Ask anyone who has a mother, father, brother, girl/boyfriend, husband, wife, kid, dog…you get the picture.  We can’t control others, and that’s what makes it tough to be in a relationship.  But we crave, I mean really crave, to have those relationships.  We’re a social people, and without that need being met, we fail.

So, go, get away from your computer, stop pretending you know me, at least for a little while, and go develop some relationships with real people!

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