Being Intentional

One of the things I’ve learned in the last 4 years of youth ministry is the need of being intentional.  So what if every year we’ve gone to Spring Hill, or to Cedar Point, what is the point to which we do this?  So what if we meet on Tuesday night for 90 minutes with a lesson, game, and announcements?  Is it effective, and is there room for improvement?

It drives some of my staff crazy that when they suggest a new program or event, I ask what the purpose of doing so will be, or how it will help accomplish the purpose of our ministry.  If we do even one thing without thinking of it’s implications, than that’s one thing we should not have done.

When we look at Jesus, who we should be modeling our ministry after, everything He did was with intention and purpose.  He didn’t just spend time with His disciples, or answer short questions, but He changed people’s lives with everything He did.

In Youth Ministry, if we’re going to be effective, we’ve got to have this kind of focus, and not let it waiver.  Sometimes I wish we could wear blinders like race horses to help keep our focus.  How do you keep your focus in your ministry?

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