What’s up with all roads?

I have heard a lot more people saying that “all religions just lead to the same place.” How can anyone possibly believe that?

Think about it for a minute, if all religions did lead to the same place, why would any of the claim exclusivity? And if there is one that is right with all others being wrong, than how do we know which one it is?

This is easily answered when you start looking at the teachings of each religion. If you look deeply at them, they all teach a great philosophy of treating others well. Good, we should do that. But is that the end? No; rather, each religion has an eschatology (what happens after death). This is really concerned with how we get to God.

Only in Christianity do you see something that is more than what we can do on our own. You see, every other religion says that you have to be good enough, and maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to God.

But if God is truly holy and perfect, how could we, as imperfect as we are, possibly be good enough? The point is that we can’t. And that’s why God Himself had to come to earth as Jesus Christ to die and take the penalty for our sins.

But, He didn’t stay dead, if He had, He’d have been just like me. Rather, he defeated death, He resurrected Himself 3 days after dying, thereby defeating the eternal hold death had on us all.

But death still has a hold unless you believe, unless you have faith in Christ alone. You cannot be any other religion and Christian, it just doesn’t work.