A New Hope

And I don’t mean the Star Wars installment.  I had the joy of attending Town Hall for Hope, presented by Dave Ramsey, last week with my wife.  Whether you agree with Dave’s outlook or not, there is something that really struck me.  With everything that’s happening in our society, there is one thing really missing: hope.

If you remember the campaigns last year, the recurring theme was hope.  “Vote for me, and there’ll be hope for recovery”; or “Vote for me, and there’ll be hope for peace”, etc.  But what hope do we have now?  The new administration has been in place for 100+ days now, and I don’t see any signs more hope than before.

Could this be because we are putting our hope in the wrong place?  But what is hope, really?  In this instance, I’m referring to hope as a verb, and Dictionary.com defines it as this: to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence.  

Of particular interest here is that to hope for something is to look forward to it with reasonable confidence.  With all that is going on with the Big Three auto companies in Michigan, and the feelings presented in the press, there is definitely a lack of hope.  There may be the wish for things to get better, but there is no hope.  But who are we hoping in, President Obama?  Our government?  The goodness of mankind?  No way!

I am a firm believer that the only way for us to actually have hope, is if that hope is grounded in God.  If we look back at the history of Israel, they continued to have hope, to some degree, because their hope was founded in God alone.  We can see that sometimes it took hundreds of years for God to restore their nation, but He did.

So come on America, stop relying on the imperfection of our government to change things.  Turn back to God, put your hope in Him, and watch what He can do with our country yet!

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